This website will hopefully give you an insight into what we breed and the mares we use in our breeding program.

Our aim is to improve the showjumping population in Ireland from breeding the potential showjumping foal too improving the mares used in breeding and future stallions to stand in Ireland and introducing new stallion lines from the continent.

Some people have the view that we should only breed with irish stallions but at present there is no irish showjumping stallions available. If you look at the stallions some people want us to use that have stood or are standing in Ireland apart from Cruising are Cavalier Royale, Lux Z, Touchdown, Mermus R, Peter Pan, Guidam these are all foreign bred stallions and are influential in improving Irish bred horses.So lets not get confused between a stallion with irish bloodlines standing in Ireland and a foreign bred stallion standing in Ireland or abroad,they can all give you an Irish bred foal as long as the foal is born and registered in Ireland.

If you look in the back breeding of some of these foreign bred stallions you will find alot of Irish bloodlines, so all we are doing now is importing genetically improved Irish bloodlines which can only be a good thing to bring Ireland back to the top of the world showjumping rankings.
We want to bred show-jumpers for the highest level and some of our mares have already produced horses who have jumped in lanaken in Belgium ,rds in Dublin as well as Irish classes.foals have already been sold over Ireland,England and America so that proves the right breeding lines producing a correct foal will attract the International buyer as-well.

Necessary ingredients in Breeding are Blood,Character,Courage and Willingness.Blood you can add in breeding by the use of Blood stallions,the other ingredients are extremely rare.

Character,Courage and Willingness are rare qualities,only embedded in a very limited number of bloodlines which have proven themselves to carry on through generations and crossing with suitable stallions.

Our Broodmares are,without exception,from proven Bloodlines and are only covered by stallions from proven Bloodlines who are preforming or have been preforming at the highest level.

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Crosskeys Cavalier

Dam of Loughgall

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